Haley and Andrew first met at the 2004 Campus Outreach Summer Beach Project in Panama City, Florida.  The following summer they were both in leadership for the project and began to take an interest in each other.  As sets of parents learned about this, we visited Florida in the summer of 2005 and gave our hearty approval.  Only then did Haley and Andrew begin to date.

Jennifer Haley Lynn and Andrew William Vincent
Taken Inside the Peabody Hotel
Memphis, Tennessee

The Engagement

Andrew and Haley Became Engaged on
Saturday, January 14, 2006, on top of
The Peabody Hotel in Memphis

And then they took a carriage ride

The Rehearsal Dinner
Rendezvous Room
Memphis Zoo
Friday, August 11, 2006

Andrew and Haley
The Guests of Honor

Groom’s Mother Sandy Proposes a Toast

Groom’s Sister Amy Proposes a Toast as Bride’s Sister Leslie Looks on

Alexandria Guests with Some of Haley and Andrew’s Family

Groom’s Friends from Grace Christian School Days and Amy

Sandy Tends to the Dessert Table

The Bridal Luncheon
Old Venice Restaurant
Memphis, Tennessee
Saturday, August 12, 2006

Haley’s Grandmother Faye with Andrew’s Sister Lydia

Andrew’s Sister Amy

Haley’s Mother Pam Stands while Andrew’s Sister Ginny Sits on the Front Right

The Finishing Touches
The Hospitality Suite at the East Memphis Doubletree

The Marriage
The China Exhibit
The Memphis Zoo
Saturday, August 12, 2006

Andrew and Haley Are Chauffeured in by Eric Roux of the Memphis Zoo

Jennifer Haley Lynn
Andrew William Vincent

The Bride’s Attendants

The Groom’s Attendants

Andrew with his Ring Bearer and Nephew
Nathan William Uhl
and Brother, Benn, his Best Man


Wedding Party

Sandy Tells Haley What it’s Like to Marry into the Vincent Family

Wedding Director Kelly Instructs Bob

Christian, Brian, Sean, Ginny and Savanna Wait to Enter

Final Thoughts Between a Father and his Sons

Here Comes the Bride . . .
Escorted by her Father, David Lynn (left), and Step-Father, Rick Jones (right)

Two Pastors Performed the Wedding Ceremony, John Uhl and myself

John’s wife, Sandy’s and my daughter, Lydia read the Scripture

Husband and Wife



Families Merge After the Wedding

The Reception Dinner
Catered by Pei Wei
Followed by Dancing

The Dinner Line

Bride’s Cake

Groom’s Cake (I’ve got a funny story about the first time I saw one of those)

The Removal of the Garter
cut from the video

The First Dance
cut from the video

More of the First Dance

Andrew Dances with Haley’s Mother Pam

Andrew Dances with his mother

Andrew Dances with his sister Amy

John Dances with his wife Lydia, our daughter

The Old Man Dances with Sandy

God Grace us with Five Children:
Amy, Ginny, Andrew, Lydia and Benn

No, That Isn’t a Revival Service; Dancing Changes Year by Year

Really Changes

Caught on/with Camera

The “Shotgun” Wedding Departure

The Departure was not without incident.  Just before the bride and groom exited into the parking lot of the Memphis Zoo, two masked men emerged from the bushes.  One man cocked a sawed-off shotgun and told some members of  Haley’s family to lie down on the pavement and throw their purses, wallets and keys toward him.  As the masked men were getting into Haley’s aunt and uncle’s Dodge Durango, her uncle shouted for his twins to jump away.  One had already gotten into the back seat before the car-jackers appeared.  Sydney and Bethany obeyed their father before the men drove off.  Haley took care of her young cousins while their mother and father talked with the Memphis Police.

The Just Married Haley Comforts Sydney and Bethany

Haley’s Twin Cousins Were Smiling by the Next Morning

Finally . . . the Police Permitted the Bride and Groom to Leave

The Honeymoon

Andrew and Haley Spent their Honeymoon at
The Barcelo Ixtapa Beach Resort
on the Pacific Ocean’s Palmar Beach
Guerrero, Mexico