Noah Martin Vincent’s

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Noah was Baptized at the First Presbyterian Church in Baton Rouge.

Waiting for the moment:  Grandfather Bob, Dad Benn, Mom Amanda and Baby Noah.

Oops.  That’s not his baptism; it’s his first swim.

Noah being baptized by his paternal grandfather as First Presbyterian’s Senior Pastor, Gerrit Dawson looks on.  It was very gracious for Pastor Dawson to grant us this privilege.

Noah being held shortly after his baptism.  He is eleven weeks and two days old.

Noah being held by the man who baptized him.

Noah being held by “Pops” Martin as “D-Daddy” Vincent holds his certificate.

Noah and his proud parents.

Brought to you by Martin Vincent Productions.

Four People Profoundly Contributed to Noah.

After Morning Worship, family and friends gathered at Benn and Amanda’s home for a celebratory brunch.

Noah’s feet and legs are visible

Benn’s back to the camera talking with friends.

Noah really is a happy baby

Especially when he's all dressed up to play.