Family Photographs

The Proud Cub Scout

In 1955 my mother was our Den Mother, and I was 8, a proud Cub Scout.


My mother and father and me in 1952

My mother was 39, my father was 46 and I was 5.

My brother, Billy, and me in 1952

My brother was 13, and I was 5.

My Mother and Father and me in 1959

My mother was 46, my father was almost 53 and I was 12.  

This is an 8 Millimeter Film of the Benn family shot by my Uncle, J. Wesley Starnes, at Georgetown, South Carolina, in June of 1958.  I was 11, my brother 19.  Also in this video are my mother and father, my cousin, Ruth Bell, my aunts Martha , Ann, Ruth and Janie Lois and uncles Robert, Wesley and Bert.  This is a pretty big file, so give it time to load.