Savannah Rose Preston


April 14, 2004

Savannah Rose Preston left the comfort and protection of her mother’s womb at 7:03, Wednesday morning. Ginny called us at 6:44 am to tell Sandy that the contractions were intense. Sandy prayed for her and asked her to stay calm until 8:00 when the doctor's office would be open and she could speak to the doctor, herself. (She had gone to the hospital the night before, but they would not admit her; they sent her home.) Less than twenty minutes later, Savannah Rose’ father, Sean Preston, delivered her on their couch and called 911. We’re thankful that Sean had training in first-aid. He called 911 after Savannah's birth, and the paramedics arrived soon after to transport them to the hospital. Savannah weighed seven pounds, nine ounces. Sean’s birthday was the day before. This was quite a present!

The ambulance came and took little Savannah and her mother back to Rapides General.  Here are some photographs.

This is a professional photograph taken by Douglas Collier at the hospital on Friday, April 16, for the story that appeared in the Alexandria Daily Town Talk, on page A-1, on Saturday, April 17, 2004.


About an hour and twenty minutes after she was born


Around noon

Sean, the “obstetrician,” holding Savannah Rose and Christian

Brian, the “assistant obstetrician,” holding his baby sister.  Brian helped Sean with the delivery by bringing towels.

Grandmother Sandy, “Momsie,” holding her first granddaughter

Grandfather Bob, “D-Daddy,” admiring his first granddaughter and his daughter Ginny.  Ginny didn’t think that this was the best time to photograph her, but I’m sure she won’t mind this tiny shot.

My father was born in Savannah, Georgia, back in 1906, and little Savannah was given my mother’s middle name, Rose.  I sure wish they could see their little great granddaughter.

Savannah Rose, Three and a Half Months Later

Bob Vincent