Proof of the Wachovia Bank Stock

On Saturday morning, September 14, 1996, I handed a couple a check for $250 to compensate them for the minor damage one of my children had done to their car in a parking lot at Louisiana College.  Leaving there, I drove on to Camp Attakapas, the Boy Scout property near Jena.  It is a peaceful ride through the forest, and I had some time to reflect.  I felt deeply impressed that I had not been faithful in my giving to God and resolved to return to tithing.  I do not believe that tithing is mandated under the New Testament, but I do believe that it serves as a goal and a guide to our giving.  I did the math in my head and rounded ten percent of what I made to the next dollar amount.  That came to $110 twice a month, because I received a little bit less than $2,200 a month in salary.

That Sunday morning, September 15, 1996, as I put a check in the morning offering for $110, God quickened me with what I had read roughly a week before about Isaac in Genesis 26:12, and how God had graciously blessed him with a hundredfold return. By faith—I had never been able to do this before, nor have I ever had the liberty to pray this way since—I prayed for a hundredfold blessing in return—we were really hurting financially at the time. I continued to press this home to my heavenly Father in prayer for weeks on end, not stopping, but believing that God wanted me to ask him for this.  Then, on Saturday, November 16, 1996, out of the blue, I received 200 shares of Wachovia Bank stock in the mail.  It was a complete surprise and a gift, because I only share my financial needs with the Lord. I got on the Internet and discovered that the stock had closed at $55.00 per share.  I did the math, and I was astounded: it was one hundred times the amount I had givento the penny.

From time to time, I have shared the amazing ways that God has specifically answered our specific prayers, such as when the transmission went out in our only vehicle
it was going to cost $900, and I simply did not have the money. I told no one about it but cried out to God on my knees. Several days later, I found an envelope that had been pushed under my door. Inside were nine, one hundred dollar bills. I certainly praised the Lord, but I didn’t understand just how special this gift was at the time. When I received the anonymous gift, I had assumed that someone had learned about my transmission from the mechanic and had chosen to bless me in this way. However, some years later a young man came to see me. He was a Southern Baptist from another parish (county) and hardly knew me. He asked me, “Several years ago did you find an envelope with nine, one hundred dollar bills in it?”

“Yes,” I replied. Then he told me that he had been praying, and the Lord had told him to go to Alexandria and give this amount of money to me anonymously. 

Because this gift and the gift of the hundredfold blessing in stock are so dramatic, I have had people call these dramatic answers to prayer into question
not the people who know me as part of our congregation, but people outside, particularly on the Internet.  There is no independent way to verify the gift of the nine, one hundred dollar bills.  But the gift of stock is verifiable, and one person even did the research in the early spring of 2013 and thought I was making this up, because it did not match the Internet data for Wachovia Bank for that date.

I confess that was flabbergasted when I followed the link, but I was sure of what I had read back then and was determined to check things out at our local library, using their microfilm to confirm the historical datum. 

As you can see from this photograph of Saturday, November 16, 1996, page B-9 of The Alexandria Daily Town Talk lists the closing prices for stocks.  If you look closely at the second section below, you can see that the closing price for Wachovia was $55 a share.  A second photograph shows this blown up more clearly.

Wachovia can be seen to the right near the very bottom of the photograph above, but it is much clearer in the photograph below.

After verifying that Wachovia Bank had indeed closed at $55 a share the weekend that I received the stock, I discovered that the problem with the Internet data was that Wachovia Bank had become insolvent roughly a decade later and was purchased by Wells Fargo, who gave averages rather than specific closing figures for these specific dates.  I found that amazing as well, because it appeared that Satan was attempting to rob God of the glory for this wonderful answer to prayer.  I almost shouted out loud in the Rapides Parish Library, and I thanked their staff profusely for helping me verify one more example of Gods Amazing Grace.

Now, that ought to be enough to prove my story, but in case you are still doubting because you want proof that I actually received 200 shares of Wachovia bank stock on that date, I will produce the relevant portion from my federal Income Tax return for the year when I sold the 200 shares.  Here it is.

There it is above: “200 SHARES WACHOVIA.”  The person who gave me the stock purchased it on May 23, 1990 and authorized that it be transferred to me when I gave God that $110.  I received it on November 16, 1996, and I sold it on November 19, 1997, just over one year later.  Two hundred shares of Wachovia Bank stock at $55 per share comes to exactly one hundred times the amount of the check for $110 that I had begged God to bless in this way with a hundred-fold return.

The thing that undergirded our children’s faith as they left home wasn’t the theology that they had learned, nor the compelling Christian apologetics—though we did strive to teach them what we believed and why we believed it—it was that they had grown up in a home where they had seen their father and mother regularly getting themselves into terrible difficulties, been present when their parents cast themselves on God's mercy and pleaded his promises by grace alone, through faith alone, and then seen God’s often dramatic answers to prayer. Below are a few examples that pertain to money. I have taken them from my journal and deleted the names. 

The first three are from my journal entries related to the gift of stock.

* On September 14, 1996, I wrote check #817 for $250.00 to ___, compensating him for _____ bumping his car in the Louisiana College parking lot.

* On September 15, 1996, I wrote check #819 for $110.00 to Grace Presbyterian Church, crying out that God would bless me as he had Isaac with a hundred-fold return (Genesis 26:12; Mark 10:30).

* On November 16, 1996, I received the Hundred Fold Increase Gift: $110.00 to $11,000.00, by means of 200 shares of Wachovia Bank Stock that closed @ $55.00 per share that weekend.

God has always provided for us in amazing ways.  These are some to the things that my children witnessed personally, sometimes individually.

* On March 26, 1999, I received an envelope in the mail containing $15,000.00; I had been asking the Lord for $22,000.00 since January.

* In August 1999, as I continued to pray for the money that I needed, knowing that the deadline for dealing with _____’s car was coming at the end of September, I began to beg God for $25,000.00 more.

* On October 11, 1999, I learned of over $990.00 in traffic fines on ______’s car in the city of ____. This was in addition to the state fines. I intensified my prayer for the $25,000.00 and solicited the prayers of ____ and _____ for the solution to the problem of _____’s car (never mentioning that cash was needed).

* On October 12, 1999, our children all joined us to be Sandy’s parents. I pulled out $1,000.00 from our Y2K reserve cash and fixed part of the problem and committed to paying off ____.

* That same day, October 12, 1999, I receive a gift of $25,000.00 from ________.

* The next day, October 13, 1999, in view of the outstanding traffic fines in ____, I informed ____ that he could not drive the car back, even though I had paid it off that morning with a wire transfer to ___ for $5,806.97. After the Oasis Board meeting at Stalnaker’s Restaurant, I again apologized for having to keep the car, and he told me, “It’s okay, Dad, I’
ve given it to the Lord.”

* The next day, October 14, 1999, _____’s grandfather, Andy Price, bought a new car and gave
_____ his 1992 Ford Crown Victoria. He returns to ____ in his own car.

This is not financial, but it really drove home the truth to my child that God can do anything we ask according to his will.

* On May 24, 2000, _____’s life was spared as he and his friend ____ rescue three Mexican women from drowning in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mazatlan. He had telephoned me from the beach, begging me to pray for one of the women, because it appeared that she had died. Several hours later, he called back to tell me that she had revived.  Had God raised her from the dead, or had she simply been unconscious and revived?  Either way, God acted in a wonderful way.

I hope these examples help you, as well as those I mention on the page about how I changed my mind from being a “Reformed Deist.” The greatest problem in America is not with the politicians; it is with the Church, and the greatest problem in the Church is a profound lack of FAITH, HOPE, and Self-Sacrificing LOVE (1 Corinthians 13:13).

God is very gracious.

Cordially in Christ,